iPhoto Crashes on Start Up: How to Resolve this Issue

So you are facing iPhoto crashes on start up issues? Although, iPhoto is a superb application which makes it easy for managing photos on Macintosh. But sometimes, users might have to go through and experience hardship when they simply cannot access images saved on iPhoto library. This ia problem which indicates that there is some critical corruption in the iPhoto application and there is instant need to repair and rebuild the iPhoto library. When iPhoto crashes on start up, users need to follow these steps depending on the factors that has caused such issue. Firstly one should know what is wrong with the iphoto application and why it is crashing frequently.

rebuild iphoto libraryRepair Permission: Many times, it is seen that abrupt shut down of the Mac system due to powercut, can have severe impact on the iPhoto application. There might be some images which was in use, either it was being edited or was in the process of sharing, printing. Never the less, due to unexpected crash out of the system, it might be severely corrupted. This is where repairing the permission can be necessary step for resolving this very issue.

Rebuilding Thumbnails: If some thumbnails have been damaged and iPhoto fails to load due to unavailablity of such thumbnails, it is mandatory to rebuild thumbnails in order to fix iPhoto crashes on start up problem.

Repairing iPhoto Library Database: repairing of database is also a key factor that can help to resolve such issues. One can easily install updates for iPhoto to function smoothly.

Rebuild database: If you have tried all the above stated options, and there is no other option available than to rebuild database. One can easily rebuild the data base using backup of the photos.

However, if there is no backup available, you can alternatively use iPhoto recovery software. It is designed to recover photos that has been lost or has become inaccessible when iPhoto crashes on start up.

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