How to Restore iPhoto Files

Don’t know how to restore iPhoto files and wondering to find out a solution for it? iPhoto is such an application that doesn’t need an introduction owing to its popularity among Mac users. It is a digital photo management catalogue application exclusively designed for Macintosh Operating system. But it happens some times while importing, sharing or editing photos, it might get corrupted. Such corruption simply makes the photos inaccessible for further use. When you attempt to view the photo stored on iPhoto Library, an annoying error message is received. This can press a panic button particularly when there is no backup of the corrupted photos to recover iPhoto files.

Common Situation when there arises the need to restore iPhoto pictures

  • Accidental deletion: when some photos are accidentally deleted from iPhoto library
  • Synchronization error: corruption of photos due to synchronization error between Mac and digital camera
  • iPhoto Library corruption: when there is some corruption issue in the iphoto database, it eventually results in frequent iPhoto crashing issue.
  • Virus attack: iPhoto library might get corrupted due to virus attack following which the stored photos become inaccessible.

Manual Instructions to restore iPhoto

  • The “Finder” bar can be located at the top of the desktop.
  • Select “Home” from the drop down in the menu by clicking on the “Go” Tab
  • search for the “Pictures” by left clicking to find all the files present in the iPhoto folder.
  • “iPhoto Library” is to be searched which bears a small logo of iPhoto besides the file name.
  • The library contains all the photos stored by date and other details.
  • After searching for the desired pictures in the iPhoto library, copy the image and paste it on some other location to restore iPhoto files.

However manual method requires advanced skills which is not a cup of tea for newbie. Even slight mistake can prove to be fatal and might damage the iPhoto database permanently. Therefore it would be better to use iPhoto recovery software if you are really interested to recover and restore iPhoto files without involving any risks.

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