How to Rebuild or Repair Your iPhoto Library

Have you lost your memorable photos form iPhoto? Do you want to repair iPhoto Library? Mac provides a digital photo cataloguing program iPhoto to edit, import, print, maintain, and share photos. It is a very impressive application which offers various creative features such as face recognition, full screen preview modes, Facebook enhancement, and lots more. However sometimes it might fails to load or display pictures. Basically it happens in case of any corruption or deletion issue. There are several different reasons which can cause photo inaccessibility issue in iPhoto library some of them are given billow.

  • Corruption in iPhoto Library: Once your iPhoto Library get corrupted then it often cause iPhoto crash and ultimately cause picture inaccessibility issue.

  • Human Error: Unintentional deletion of any photo or complete iPhoto library, improper system shut down, Accidental formatting, etc.

  • Synchronization Problem: Any kind of disturbance while synchronization process of library can serious picture loss situation.

  • Virus Attack: Once your picture get infected by virus then you will be no longer able to access your precious photo.

content-banner However iPhoto comes along with an inbuilt application iPhoto Library Manager in order to rebuild iPhoto Library. It creates totally new library and import all your files from corrupted library. So you can try it in order to regain the access of all your lost photos.

Steps to use iPhoto Library Manager

Step 1: First of all select the corrupted library and then choose Rebuild Library

Step 2: Now specify the location where you want to rebuilt the library

Step 3: Now iPLM will rebuild the library structure and and tries to repair damaged photos

Step 4: Now a preview of all recoverable files will be displayed to you

Step 5: In the end click on Rebuild button to create a brand new library.

iPhoto Library Manager is a good way to Repair iPhoto Library but if your library is badly damaged then it may fails to repair all your lost pictures. In such situation you can try iPhoto Recovery Software in order to recover all your memorable images successfully. It is the most powerful, fast and safe way to recover all your inaccessible images. It repair and recovers all your images accurately with just few mouse clicks therefore it is recommended to use iPhoto Recovery Software in order to recover all your lost pictures successfully.

User Guide for iPhoto Recovery Software

Step 1: Install the software after downloading


Step 2: Now select Recover hard drive option


Step 3: Choose deleted iPhoto library to restore your lost files


Step 4: Here a list of volumes will be displayed on your screen, choose the volume from where you lost your photos


Step 5: At last save the recovered files on desired location.



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